The Electric Forrest Festival 2014 In Review

This year’s Electric Forrest Festival saw young people, kids, artists, nature lovers and over 40,000 hippies attending the fest. The festival featured live music on five stages. The major attraction of the festival was Sherwood Forest which was a wooded area loaded with secret saloons, hammocks, intimate hangout spaces and meditation gardens.

Here is a sneak peek into the musical highs and major events of the festival:

One end of the festival area had the Tripolee Stage which rolled out mesmerizing music by great artists such as Justin Martin, Art Department and Bro Safari throughout the weekend. The other side of the forest had the Sherwood Forest Stage which was jam-band oriented. The stages located in the middle gave a reasonable mix of both. The fact that the crowd of music lovers was not segregated by genre bears ample testimony to the fact that while the source of the music may be different, the spirit of music lovers of every genre is essentially the same.

The String Cheese Incident’s Multisensory Spectacular

The band String Cheese Incident began its Saturday night performance with the visual production of classic video games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers. To this were added a huge inflatable dice, Pac-man puppets, butterfly shaped confetti, Brazilian dancers and fireworks. As the music grew jammier, the words “connect with nature” flashed on the screen. The entire performance was a jaw dropping spectacle of joy. The show was actually a collaboration between The String Cheese Incident and Ms. Lauryn Hill but by the time she arrived onstage after the first song, the bar had already been set too high.

Psychedelic Friendship Bingo

This was a late night theatrical performance/bingo game show which included a number of dance sessions, dirty jokes, candy giveaways, songs and painting a man in mustard for falsely calling out Bingo.

The Fungineers

This was a musical performance cum puppet show that featured a dinosaur attempting at sex with a tree, a sexy platypus and two monkey puppets that had horns and were singing “Have you had sex with a unicorn? You Will”. Overall, it was a hilarious happening in the heart of the forest.

Four days of the festival from June 26 to June 29 saw blue skies and ideal daytime temperatures giving way to warm summer starry nights which did not need anything more than a jacket. The festival had to be closed 15 minutes early on Sunday due to a thunderstorm which provided an exciting climax to the festival.

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